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Now strikes me as a really good time to provide readers with some historical perspective about our national financial situation.

The current financial policies pursued by voters in the western world have their beginnings in the Industrial Revolution of the 1700’s.

The factory and mine owners of those days were making enormous profits off of the sweat shop conditions of their workers and paying them in pennies. The immediate result of those policies was a virulent, unfocused hatred of all business people and a resentment of anyone who had acquired personal wealth regardless of the individuals own behavior.  These feelings of resentment led to the formation of unions, not a bad thing, child labor laws, a very good thing, and the introduction of the income tax system — a very, very bad thing for everyone.

In a word, the general voting public is running about three centuries behind in its political awareness and the entire western world in general is suffering the ill effects. The cures are simple.

1.)We need to abolish both the state and federal income tax systems. We need to start phasing them out right now. The income tax was based on spite, the less monied classes cut off their own noses by it and it opens the door for all sorts of bureaucratic intimidation, interference and mismanagement. We can find other ways to fund the really necessary functions of government for a free nation. I will develop my views about the income tax in-depth in a future post. It covers a lot of ground, idea wise.

2.)We need to vastly reduce or eliminate the capital gains tax. We cannot have a prosperous economy if we penalize prosperity. This tax was also based on the spite of the have-nots.

3.) We need to eliminate all death duties and estate taxes. Same as above.

4.) We need to abolish the Social Security/Medicare system and we need to start phasing it out right now. It was a very bad idea and it is time we all admitted this. Let individuals save for their own retirement and manage their own funds instead. Let’s focus on why health care is so expensive and fix that instead.

Our governments are so intrusive these days and our economy is in ruins because our great grandparents voted in all the necessary ingredients for this to happen. They did this because of their class resentment against “rich” people. Well, our great grandparents generation are all dead now and we, their grand children, are having to live with the results of their political spite. Personally, I am against this.

We all feel that our government is too obtrusive in our lives and businesses and this interference is bad socially and financially. We can cure this mess and the first step will be to call a spade a spade. Those well-intentioned folks who are picketing Wall street today would be better served if they cleaned up their own back yards first otherwise they will only compound an already bad situation. The growing disparity between the incomes has been caused chiefly by legislation introduced by the lower incomes themselves and they are the ones who will have to cure it. I will elaborate on this theme more fully in my next post—

The War Against The Poor—Causes.

P.S. It is my contention that most American voters are not stupid or corrupt. They are, however, inclined to react only to surface stimuli and totally overlook underlying causes. This is where I come in. When you read my blog here, remember I point this stuff out so that we can change things for the better, and not simply to find fault. So keep up the good work everyone. I sense changes for the better on the way.

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I am going to make just one point in this particular post because it is so major, I want you to just ponder on its implications.

Poverty is not an inalienable, unescapable, incurable condition of life on this planet. It is an entirely artificially created condition, created by a very few select men and women who find themselves in a position to do so.  People are poor because these very few, who are making multiple millions and even billions of dollars of personal profit from various necessary businesses do not pay their employees a generous wage out of these obscene profits. They could well afford to do so.

That’s all.

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In my continuing series of war stories, I will now touch upon a subject that will dismay and repel a great many people, especially those in the democratic party of these United States. The war against the rich. Bear with me while I give some necessary historical background.

After the new world was discovered there followed by natural cause and effect, a period of colonization by the major players in European politics at that time. Companies were founded by men who had the capital to invest. For those of my readers who don’t know what “capital” is, think of it as money acquired by an individual that is over and above what is needed for immediate living expenses. What we all think of as “wealth.” These companies were granted charters by the various crowned heads in Europe giving specified land territories in exchange for financial considerations related to trade and import/export income possibilities.

In order to sustain their companies standing in the eyes of “the crown,” these men had to recruit colonists. Men who combined within themselves the skills, personal initiative, and just plain physical courage needed to move into an unknown and untamed wilderness and build businesses that would turn a profit. In only one case I have been able to discover did these investors come themselves to face the dangers and uncertainties of the new world. They recruited men able to work without supervision, that is, men who could conceive and execute a financial plan all on their own, do the initial physical labor involved, and hire other men who would be able to add their own skills to the enterprise. And of course, these men would bring their wives and children with them, man not being a solitary animal by either choice or instinct. And the women married to such men had also to be self motivated, possessed of many skills and physical courage or they would not have survived in the new wilderness. No women, no children, no men, no colony, no profit. Thus were the majority of the colonies of the new world founded. There was at least one founded as a criminal justice colony but that is for another war story.

Dear Readers, prepare yourselves now for an unimaginable horror. Most of you have taken up the history of these United States after the Declaration of Independence of 1776. “All men were created equal” and that sort of thing and you believe that these are the principles on which  America was founded. This is not so. America was founded, colonized, and survived, on the principles of good sound business practise.

The revolutionary war came of Great Britain’s refusal to adhere to them after establishing a for-profit colony built by free men. “No taxation without representation”, was the rallying cry of the original “Tea Party” patriots.  America grew into a nation to be reckoned with by the everyday, personal efforts of those men and women who, as individuals, understood and of their own initiative, used good, sound business practises for their own profit, the profit of their employees(they were paid you know), and the profit of the original investors. America is now almost on the rocks of financial insolvency(witness the current debate on the “debt ceiling”) because the majority of voters have lost sight of this very major fact of our beginnings.

Somewhere between the eras of the Civil and the Second World Wars, Americans came to view their government as a source of unearned income for the masses. The focus became public “welfare” benefits and not free, individual, profit bearing initiatives. Somewhere in here there arose a notion that “rich” people were responsible for providing for “the masses” out of their own pockets because that was “fair,” without any thought as to where those “rich” people actually got their money. Somewhere within this time period it became a crime against all americans to be “rich.”

I have entitled this post—-the war against the rich. It ties in to the earlier American Dream posts in this blog because what is the American Dream if it is not that a person from the lower-income brackets can, by his/her own initiative, become “rich?” I have laid out the basic shift in our original expectation of legitimate individual profit to government-funded, unearned income. My next post will be a more in-depth examination as to just why and how this shift occurred and just how it is now a crime to be “rich” in America.

My next post will be—-The War Against The Rich–continued

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