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Very short post this week. Actually, just two questions.

Question number one–

What is going on in Utah? I mean, who are these people? Utah and Mormonism are synonymous to most Americans. They have built up a squeaky clean public image for themselves and someone is using this to foist a Utah born and bred closet case onto the Republican party as presidential candidate. And then there is this Sister Wives thing going on. A small herd of smiling white women have chosen the stud animal male they wish to cover them when they’re in season and gaze happily into the camera as they self approve this behaviour. Evidently it is time we all got over the Osmond Brothers mentality of the past forty years(sorry Marie) and looked a little closer at this state and what it is attempting to export to the rest of us.

Question number two–

Why is Mitt Romney being billed now as a former Governor of Massachusetts?  A short public nod to his “Mormonism” when he first stuck his head out of his closet and then the media got really quiet about his “roots”. Mitt Romney is from Utah and a Mormon. I mean, did his handlers feel that running him through a term of office in Massachusetts would wash off enough Utah to make him smell nice for a Republican presidential run? The odors coming out of Utah these days are definitely not that of sanctity.

On the other hand, Newt Gingrich has been married three times but at least–not all at once. I wonder what his views on the “Sister Wives” thing would be.

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