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I have it on excellent authority that the definition of an idiot is someone who repeats the same actions over and over and expects a different result. This is from the worst collection of idiots I ever met so we are talking the horse’s mouth here people.

If going to college could cure what ails us, we wouldn’t be ailing cause ya’ll have been to college.

Shut your damn mouths about college.


Alieff Farwell


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We have a problem.

There are a number of ways a given population group can be conquered.

1.) Military force. Your antagonist sends large groups of armed soldiers, planes, tanks, and bombs against the land you live in until the population is either decimated to the point of surrender or there isn’t anyone left alive to fight back. The antagonists then move in and attempt to live in the land they have overcome. You all understand this tactic. The United States of America has so far, defeated several such attacks. Now let’s look at tactic #2.

2.) Subversion. This is accomplished by sending operatives to live and work among the target population to collect intelligence about vital industries and supplies, their locations and movements, and sabotage the same, or, infiltrate as an employee. These enemy operatives are also trained to cause as much social and civil disruption as possible, leaving the target group in a more vulnerable position regarding it’s physical defenses. Subversive tactics are heavily used to cause confusion and fighting among the target group which will disrupt or even destroy morale—a key element in a country’s will to win. This is not a tactic that the average American pays much attention to or rather, they do not call subversion by it’s proper name.

3.) Money. This is really an extension of subversive tactics. That enemy who lacks military strength and has to rely on subversion will also target the financial infrastructure of a population group. Many a nation has simply been bled white then bought out and destroyed rather than overrun by hostile soldiery. The average American does keep an eye on the money but how many of you understand it’s subversive uses?

Subversive tactics are always used by an opponent who lacks the military force to conquer in the field.

The subversive operative is not hard to spot even for untrained civilians. They do not hold with the local customs, standards of behavior and/or morality, or the accepted religion(s). They feel their “culture” is superior to the targeted population and are not shy about saying so. An excellent example of this would be the “Christianization” of the western world by “missionaries.” They were and are subversives of a textbook variety. Before Christianity, all religions were tolerated. After it gained a foothold, people who did not accept it were killed and their financial assets absorbed by the church. Islam is of the same stamp. Anyone who does not accept it is an “infidel” unworthy of consideration. Both Christianity and Islam have an accepted policy of killing “heretics.” This lack of tolerance is unacceptable to decent people, whatever their religious beliefs.

We now have a major subversive effort underway in America to use “Tolerance” to destroy us. This particular enemy has built it’s “tolerance” propaganda platform very cleverly on what we all acknowledge to be bad mistakes in our cultural past so the average American will be hesitant to speak out.  We are not dealing with amateurs here. This group has used cries for tolerance to infiltrate our military, our courts of law, our legislative bodies and our churches. They are currently controlling most of our media, print and broadcast, they have wormed their way into the entertainment and telecommunications industries. They are on many bank’s board of directors. Their annual incomes are significantly higher than anyone else’s average income. They are even targeting the Boy Scouts of America. The problem is typical of subversive tactics. It’s not that there are so many of them, it’s that they have been sneaking into key positions and using those to sell their own agenda.

You all know what group this is. What you may not be focusing on is the military component. This howling about “tolerance” is not a social issue we need to rectify to promote peace on earth. It is a subversive, military tactic designed to cripple and pollute a population that cannot be overcome with tanks and bombs.

Our government intelligence agencies know this and they are fighting it. They have been fighting it for years. Or did you really think all that bad press in the 70’s about the FBI and the CIA misuse and abuse of power blah, blah, blah, was real? Did anyone really think the war in Vietnam was unnecessary? This particular group has been controlling our media for at least 45 years. Now go back and rethink those stories disparaging the American military, the intelligence units, and the war in general.  Certain countries in Southeast Asia had the premier child sex industries in the entire world at that time and those industries were worth multiple millions. This particular group had a vested interest in not having their vacation spot disturbed. This is the same group that has fought an extradition treaty with Thailand from within the U. S. Congress.

We have a problem. I am posting this to encourage the rest of you who think we are going to lose this fight. We are not. You can do your part, and a really major part it is, when you do not automatically buy into the media stories about the corruption and abuse supposedly prevalent in our military and intelligence people. Heck people, you even need to give the cops a break here. Remember who is editing the stories and who is deciding just what the American public will read or listen to. All of you can see this for yourselves. The surprise will come when we uncover just where this particular group is coming from.

For now let’s just say—they aren’t from around here.

A. Farwell

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I would like to point out a few “coincidences” in this post. Readers will please dot their own I’s and cross their own t’s.

We need to remind ourselves that what is happening in America today is not some untraceable evil perpetrated by some secret evil cult that controls us against our collective will. The evil is very traceable and the people who have foisted it on the rest of us are a matter of public record.

During the Civil War era two major initiatives were in the public eye that were to shape American society and politics for the next hundred and fifty years.

#1. During this era, the first attempts were made to institute an income tax. In the time leading up to and during the first World War, these attempts found their fruition in the  alleged passing of a federal income tax. Appearances have in this case really proved to be deceiving. I refer readers to the book, “The Law That Never Was” by a fellow named Benson.

#2. Women’s Suffrage used the upheaval of the war between the states to market it’s own agenda.

Please note a couple of major things here–

#1. The income tax initiatives were calculated to be pressed at those times when most of the men were involved in, and away at, a major military conflict.

#2. Women’s Suffrage was also pressed it’s hardest during times of major military conflict, and was allegedly passed in 1919—during the first World War. In fact, suffrage and the income tax in America went along hand in hand in our country’s development. Coincidence?

With the alleged passing of the federal income tax, Washington D. C. became the de facto, autocratic ruler of a supposedly free republic of free citizenry, moving government away from the states. At the same time, women moved into the public arena in the telecommunications industry, banking jobs and politics, federally entitled welfare programs were introduced and private businesses were steadily crowded out in favor of multinational corporations. Coincidence? Between the Civil War era and the second World War, women moved into the military in America. First as nurses, then as regular commissioned officers. The Liberal Movement that began to over take our major colleges and universities after WWI kept pace with the entrance of women into the public arena and formed the basis of the Gay Liberation movement which is predominantly championed by females. Most of our major news agencies now have a liberal gay spin to all their stories and we now have increasing accusations of the rape of female military personnel published by these agencies. Coincidence?

The biggest names in Women’s Suffrage were also to be found among the leading families of the state of Maine. Bigelow, Warren and Clark to name just a few. I find that a most curious coincidence. Maine is strategically important to the defense of North America. The Rumsfeld/Cheney duo led military policy into abandoning the Northeast as a station for fighting units–they did however, leave control of military money in Limestone, Maine, in an office run by women. Coincidence? Cheney is an open supporter of the homosexual lifestyle. Maine is now leading the fight for homosexuality in America, against the stated will of it’s voters. There has been the same kind of political skullduggery in the state about this issue that Knox (also an old Maine name) used on the income tax question. Coincidence?

I have to quote Jethro Gibbs here— “I don’t believe in coincidence.”

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This really needs to be said although many may think it’s too late to do anything.

Mitt Romney was NOT supported by the Maine Republican caucus. The supposed head of the Republican caucus deliberately lied, miscounted, and manipulated the results in a way that brought a public outcry of censure in most  if not all of our major newspapers. The stories ran for about a day and then the Maine news collective dropped the subject like a hot rock, which it was, to the special interest owners.

The people of this state have repeatedly made their views on the subject of same-sex issues very plain–they do not support them in any way. It is time to mount a campaign with all our local representatives to bring this issue into the public eye and keep it there. The news media in this state does not represent the majority view and we all need to call them on to the carpet for it. Vagrants who have moved into southern Maine from Massachusetts do not represent the will of Maine’s people.

Maine has a lot of quiet money here, people who are not into the obvious consumer lifestyle. Why can’t we have a paper that prints the real opinions of the majority and will run a campaign for them on the same type of continuing basis that the GLAAD consortium has mounted?

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This is going to be one of the most complicated posts I have tried so far and I am beginning it in fear and trepidation. The war against the rich is quite simple and very easy to track. The war against the poor is much more subtle and complex, and I wanted this blog to be easy to read and understand for beginners in the field of political analysis. So please bear with me here. I will be connecting the dots. It is unlikely that I will be able to present my basic thoughts on this subject in just one post. It may even take two or three. Jesus Christ is quoted as saying— “the poor we have always with us.” I don’t think this is necessarily a given in our society so you see I am going to disagree with Jesus. Setting out my reasons will take some space.

How shall we define “poor?”  Rich and poor are such relative terms, dependent upon many differing factors such as cultural expectations(this is a big one), cultural standards, (these vary from place to place), exposure to comparison groups, public focus on select issues, etc.. Perhaps best stated by a quote of some antiquity which is… “I thought I was poor because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.”

Here in America lately, we have had much public wailing about “The Poor” in capital letters, without any sort of definition as to what exactly defines “poor” to these people. The same goes for legislative rhetoric about “The Rich.” I will condense the howlings of the past fifty years or so into a workable definition for the purposes of this blog. We will start at the top, most public layer and work our way down. I will be giving some tried and true methods of self-defense also because people who get to feeling poor can use some encouragement.  I don’t mean to just yak about this war, I mean to offer some weapons that can be used against the aggressors.

We may take the idea of poverty as those people who feel themselves divorced from or shut out of, direct legislative authority. We may also take the idea of “rich” to encompass those the public feels are in control of this process. Most people feel disempowered and helpless to make the  changes necessary to regain some control over their finances and their lives, ergo, they feel poor. Voters all over this country fall under this heading regardless of their income.

Congress is running wild, ignoring the wishes of the electorate and following an agenda not approved by the people for the benefit of a select group which Congress is pleased to call “the poor” but which most Americans know really means “the rich” per the definitions I just gave. Right now, when  these few instigators on Capitol Hill say “poor” what they really mean is “those without health insurance.” Your first weapon will be to publicly refute this special interest definition.

A select few in Washington D. C., led by Obama, a group of women, and a few token males are attempting to ram socialized medicine down the throats of Americans using “The Poor” as an emotional catch-all phrase. They do not address any basic issues such as asking hard questions as to why health care became so overpriced in the first place. We hear nothing about the huge overpricing practises of the big drug companies. We hear nothing about the overpricing of medical equipment. We hear nothing about lowering the cost of health care itself by addressing the enormous price affixed to malpractice insurance that no doctor will practise without today or the judicial rulings and settlements that drove it up to begin with. These are the underlying issues involved but this Obama fronted women’s group has been very careful to direct public focus away from and not towards them. Americans know this but most have lost sight of the underpinning behind this insurance scam now before us in the name of healthcare, and this creates the feeling of disfranchisement that we all are reacting to.

This feeling of malaise has been created very deliberately, a fact which almost all Americans know at some level.  This is what drives most of our resentment against “the rich.” Our first line of defense in the War Against the Poor, and it will be very effective if implemented, is to refocus our attention on the items I have italicized above and to refuse to allow the professional politicians to sidetrack us with the emotionally based redirection tactics at which they all excel. Those of you who are not doing so now, need to turn a deaf ear to the specious, alligator tears tactics of these few women and their token males when they start in about ”  X—-   NUMBERS OF AMERICANS HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE!”  Sob, Sob, Sob. These bleeding hearts do not care about “the poor” and do not seek to benefit them.  The only people they seek to benefit from health insurance are the big insurance companies. Here in New England we have our own definition of SOB’s. Think of this when these sob sisters turn on the public tears.

Sick people need medicine and/or medical attention, not insurance. Healthy people don’t even need that. In this particular campaign in the War Against the Poor, the big insurance companies and their lobbyists/politicians have brought out their very biggest guns–lack of hindsight/foresight by the average voter, public misdirection of needed focus areas, fear, and financial insecurity. And they have done all this, not to improve our health, but to guarantee an investable capital base for their own profit. These tactics are very cheap but very, very effective in manipulating the public. What we need to do is insist that legislatures focus on the causes of inflated medical related pricing in every related healthcare field, and not quibble about more insurance that will only continue to inflate this wholly unnecessary gravy train.

A certain group of power investors artificially drove up the price of our healthcare to begin with, also deliberately, and they did that about 20 to 25 years ago. Remember, you are dealing with international corporations and they think twenty to fifty years ahead in their major game plans. Average people don’t generally do so and that leaves them at a huge disadvantage, which the big multinationals take full advantage of. Here is another self-defense weapon for the poor–when a given issue appears in the public arena, there is always an historical, political, legislative or financial background to it, going back several years. Look for the history if you want to fight effectively. The information you need will be available in the public records if you bother to hunt for it, and you will begin to feel much more empowered and much less like David against Goliath.

I have given here just a few examples of the weapons used by certain groups and individuals against the people in the war against the poor along with some very effective counter measures. In my next post, I will try to enlarge on some of the topics presented.

Next post—-The War Against The Poor…continued.

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I am going to digress in this post from our discussion of the American Dream. In this post, I am going to share my own personal dream. This dream will naturally involve America because I live here, but it is my own. You see, I have a dream too.

I dream that our media, both electronic and printed, returns to the era of responsible journalism when facts were reported instead of rumors because it was (rightly) assumed that the reading public would form their own opinions from the facts presented. I dream that we can once again respect the owners, editors, and journalists who perform this function.

I dream that we return our educational “system” to the private sector. That any child will have a school close enough to walk to, run by a private individual or group thereof that the parents have personally vetted and approved. That these schools will be small enough to avoid overwhelming the small minds that attend them with too many personalities to deal with. Todays schools are much too large and people send their babies to spend most of their day dealing with strangers. You might as well take your little ones and your young adolescents to the mall and leave them there for eight or ten hours and expect them to return edified, instructed, and socially well-adjusted. I dream that Americans give up the notion that healthy, stable citizens will be easily produced by mass production methods.

I dream that parents will no longer allow their young daughters to assume that it is acceptable and really cool to dress and behave like street whores. Even if the latest hot teen idol appears to be getting rich from such behavior. I dream that the moms and dads of America will return to the time when protecting the innocence of their daughters and the vulnerabilities of their young sons was more important than so-called freedom of expression. I dream that Americans become so secure within themselves that they no longer apologize for banding together and stopping the wholesale sexual molestation of our children in the name of “freedom”. I dream that we, as a country, refuse to cower at the wails of “censorship” from such molesters. I dream that our young men and growing boys will be given the opportunity to treat women with respect instead of having to fight off the visual assaults of over exposed female flesh that today amount to the rape of entire generations of our sons. I dream that parents will privately talk to their growing girls and explain to them that covering themselves in public is not prudish, inhibited or puritan, but is a mark of respect for the needs of our men and is necessary if they as women wish to receive the same. And I dream that not a single popular television show, which the producers know that young people are watching, finds it necessary to show couples literally having sex in prime time. I dream that such things return to the privacy of the bedroom where they belong.

And lastly, I dream that America survives long enough to grow up. I have partially covered the topic of the infantile and adolescent tendencies in our political outlook. It is not perverted or even necessarily morally wrong for young people to lack foresight, tolerance, or fiscal maturity and America is still very, very young in the sociopolitical scheme of things on this world. I dream that Americans will learn to cut themselves just a little slack right now. Every growing youngster will make a few bad decisions and perhaps take up with one or two friends not really desirable. Young people and young countries have to learn from their mistakes. They have to learn that their own good intentions may be used against them by a less than honest person or friend. I dream that we are now mature enough to recognize special interest grand standing and the legislative immorality sponsored by special interest press releases, as such less than honest friends.  I dream that Americans take the media groups to task for their blatant misrepresentation of the facts. I dream that government by, for, and of the people is never destroyed by the loud noises of the few amongst the people and that this government, our government, shall stand.

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