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I came across an article about Herman Cain on my home page today. What we have here is an older, more raunchy version of Obama and he is being backed by the same people. They are likely to use the same methods of electronic chicanery and media overload to try to foist this parasite on the American people.

His involvement with the “Tea Party” movement is highly suspect. This entire so-called grass-roots movement is actually being fed and funded by a select group of super wealthy white folks, the same ones who cheated Obama into office. If you are a genuine conservative, you need to be keeping an eye on the Tea Party. They are not genuine. Neither are they conservative. What they are is an attempt to end run any genuine conservative political efforts by taking public color from conservative key words and phrases.

Keep your eyes open and be vocal here people. Tea Party candidates will all bear very careful watching. This movement is a testing/proving ground for RINO’s and CINO’s that the adherents of GLAAD hope to find useful.

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