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Very short post this week. Actually, just two questions.

Question number one–

What is going on in Utah? I mean, who are these people? Utah and Mormonism are synonymous to most Americans. They have built up a squeaky clean public image for themselves and someone is using this to foist a Utah born and bred closet case onto the Republican party as presidential candidate. And then there is this Sister Wives thing going on. A small herd of smiling white women have chosen the stud animal male they wish to cover them when they’re in season and gaze happily into the camera as they self approve this behaviour. Evidently it is time we all got over the Osmond Brothers mentality of the past forty years(sorry Marie) and looked a little closer at this state and what it is attempting to export to the rest of us.

Question number two–

Why is Mitt Romney being billed now as a former Governor of Massachusetts?  A short public nod to his “Mormonism” when he first stuck his head out of his closet and then the media got really quiet about his “roots”. Mitt Romney is from Utah and a Mormon. I mean, did his handlers feel that running him through a term of office in Massachusetts would wash off enough Utah to make him smell nice for a Republican presidential run? The odors coming out of Utah these days are definitely not that of sanctity.

On the other hand, Newt Gingrich has been married three times but at least–not all at once. I wonder what his views on the “Sister Wives” thing would be.

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“Perception is reality.” I came across this asinine statement in an article I read the other day and thought I would share it with you. It gives us a clear and focused look into the non-mind of many people passing for mature adults today. This is not so much a statement as it is wishful thinking on the part of those who feel they are in control of our media. And it is dangerous to let these self involved imbeciles feel comfortable with it. I guess they never heard the old adage about the man convinced against his will.

Perception as reality is, of course, blatantly untrue. Reality is reality. It does not depend on the individuals refusal to recognize or admit it. But the premise  does do this–it makes liberal left adherents in the media feel very comfortable about the lies they tell. What we really need right now are some newspaper and online articles  challenging the totally untrue notion that Mitt Romney, a practising closet case supposedly from Massachusetts, is the “number one choice of conservatives”  based on polls. What these degenerates do is go to their local gay bars and ask three denizens thereof who they want for president and then print the answers in bold black type as the latest political “news” from the conservative party.

Really People, these idiots mean seriously to foist a homosexual off on to us in the name of Republican Conservatism. They see the way the country is trending against them and they really feel that by posting enough lies about their pet RINO CINO in the papers and online news services that they will get their own twisted way with the majority of us.

Personally, I am going to back Mr. Gingrich. The leftist liberal element is portraying him as “stumbling”, “struggling”, yaddah yaddah yaddah. They have planted people on his campaign staff–witness the recent trouble he’s had with his scheduling. They bill him as a long-term insider in D. C. politics as if this were a bad thing. Right now, it is not. In order to deal with the threat these degenerates pose we will need someone who knows the ropes. These people are extremely aggressive, organized, and have a huge amount of PR savvy at their disposal.

Keep your eyes on how they portray Mr. Gingrich in the press. Of all the candidates in the field right now, he is the one they fear most. They will attempt to portray him as incapable of winning against Obama. Mostly, because they don’t want him to win.

Think about that.

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If you check out the dates on my posts you will see that I have taken a hiatus from blogging for about a month, maybe six weeks, I didn’t count. To tell the truth, I did get a little discouraged. That happens to all of us at times I guess. With the presidential election coming up I just have to add my mite of wisdom to the main stream of public consciousness, mainly because I still do not see any real in-depth analysis of news stories and more important still, any historical connotations to previous events.

For instance, I just posted my last blog entry to Facebook. It contains a thought on the Cain debacle for the discerning among you out there. I will share this one as well. It is a reminder to all those who wondered, as I did, just why the Monica Lewinsky(spelling?) saga during the Clinton administration got so much and such lasting media air time. I never got the impression that it was a genuine attempt to rid us of the Hill/Billy team from Arkansas and yet someone was definitely after something by it. Now we know. It was Newt Gingrich they were gunning for. Evidently, Mr. Gingrich was a person for the super rich gay element to fear enough to neutralize, even then. Most voters don’t seem to realize that presidential candidates are basically chosen about twenty years or so in advance by the various business interests that back them, so this little nugget is very revealing. The potential opposition for such candidates will of course also coalesce from the same time.

Personally, I more or less bought into the mess at the time and tended to write Mr. Gingrich off as an also-ran among political contenders in the conservative party. However, I caught a speech he gave to the Heritage Foundation this past summer and was really very impressed. He was articulate and well-informed about his subject matter and presented his views with sense and moderation. Then I started to rethink old impressions gathered only from media presentations and stories about him. Which led me to wonder why he had always been so belittled by the media, which led me to research a little, which brought up Monica and Co., and then the light went on.

Mr. Gingrich was perceived as a threat to liberal/gay partisans even then and as they could not really attack him, at the time, they put on the Monica morality play for us and privately leaned on the man, through unpublicized pressure applied by the RINO’s already in the GOP, to resign his current position because of it. Which he did.

Does anyone remember hearing the term RINO during the Monica days? I don’t but then I was not really attending at the time because the liberal/gay consortium had not really emerged from their closet yet. Now they have unmasked their main batteries, so to speak, and Newt Gingrich is viewed by them as being capable of putting a severe cramp in their sob sister media style.

My opinion? This is the chief and major reason the liberal/gays do not want to deal with the man. I see articles calling Mr. Gingrich “divisive.” This is an attempt to frighten republicans into avoiding him. So this should give you thinking conservative republicans all the reason you will need to give the man your unqualified support. Do your research. Listen to his recorded speeches and lectures rather than relying solely on media stories and presentations as I once did. You may be pleasantly surprised. As I was.

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