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In the interests of my quid pro quo policy, I will now share a few thoughts about the war against women. Here are a few preliminaries—

Everyone will know by now that this war has been spear-headed by the Judeo-Christian tradition for the last two thousand years. This tradition comes to us out of the east with its mystery religions.  And now that the JCT is flagging in the west we have the rise of the Muslim faith which is also an eastern mystery religion repressive to women. The war  has been very much an East versus West scenario with western Europe being the main theater of operations.  The majority of African tribes and the largest of the oriental (China)had no need for such a campaign as their cultural practises were misogynist anyway. Here are a few exceptions of interest—–

The Ashanti people of north Africa, the Burmese, Japanese, and Korean people. For all these I have seen references to female friendly cultural practises in my general reading. This may also be true of the sons of Hind in the earliest cultures of India but my reading over the years has not led me into any general instances I can allude to here.

Many of the native North American tribes regarded their women as partners and assistants in the business of life and their advice was sought in the management of the tribe in many issues. Notably, the Cherokee people, originally living in the southeastern part of the United States, had a matriarchal society, with well established trade routes and diplomatic relations with surrounding peoples.

The cultures of the Germanic peoples of western Europe were not essentially misogynist in theory and practise. Women were not made to hide– neither their forms and faces in public, or within the houses of their fathers or husbands.

It has been of major interest to me to note these correspondences among early cultural groups:

1.) all of the best warrior tribes, the people who were fighters by instinct and training and were the most feared by their neighbors, had no great fear of their women either.

2.) none of these people were monotheistic, they allowed the legitimacy of more than one “god/goddess.”

3.) all of these tribal groups valued the individual and expected both male and female to develop a strong sense of physical courage in order to protect the tribe and aid in its prosperity.

4.) for the past two thousand years, the above groups have been the primary targets of the christian church.

Here is the most interesting note of all in the war against women—-

The christian church has always been viewed as a female entity.

To the catholics it is Holy Mother Church. To the protestants it is the Bride of Christ. In both cases the persona is female. This is something for women’s libbers to take a look at. One of the reasons I have never had any sympathy for the modern women’s “movement.”  None of them seem to have even a grammar school education or they would have picked up on this and made more of it in their speeches. Of course, that would have taken a lot of unnecessary heat off of the “evil” men, probably why women’s liberation sort of overlooked this salient theological point. I call this a Freudian Slip.

Men and women do not naturally hate each other and are not natural enemies. Also, social studies have shown that women naturally tend to connect and coƶperate with each other and that they tend to foster these two practises in their social environment. Lesbianism, which is not natural, views other women as competitors for social and sexual dominance in their “group” and wherever you find them in a public work force, there you will also find dissension and a poor working environment.  Look at our political and corporate climate these days.

So if there is a public pogrom against females in any given population group, look for another female to be causing it. At best, a very select few females. They will hide behind the “evil man” image until they feel safe.  Only then will they emerge into the political limelight and attempt to rule openly, standing up, instead of on their backs from behind the evil men they have done their personal best to corrupt. Now is this or is this not what we are seeing today in the political scene?

Your average young woman does not immediately think of one of her best friends as being the enemy just as the american public does not think of females as being sexual predators. In the war against women, both individual and public will have to revise some basic notions.

My final word on the war against women is this—– cherchez la femme, girls and boys. That’s french for  “look for the woman.” The females who shriek the loudest about men and their insensitive sexual attitudes are the ones most willing to use sex as a weapon and then blame the evil man. You all know some decent, average women. Do you ever hear them do a lot of man-bashing? This gives all women a bad name and I don’t deserve a bad name. I like and respect men, generally. And generally, I get the same from them. Duh.

I have by no means exhausted this subject so look for future refinements in coming segments in the War Stories category.

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