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America is supposed to be the land of opportunity, right? Anyone willing to work and use the talents that God gave them should be able to prosper honestly. So why have I been hearing so much blather about the “rich” being penalized for having done just that? Why so much spite about their share of taxes? Why such focus on trying to shoot down their lifestyle with legislation targeting just them? Is this spite one of the reasons that President Trump is being dissed by the liberal media? Because he has earned money?

Does anyone honestly think Mr. and Ms. Average person is going to be able to get ahead themselves if we allow this to continue? It is seriously time to rethink the practice of allowing this to go uncorrected in the public arena. It is time to get rid of death duties. It is time to repeal legislation that penalizes parents who leave viable assets to their children. It is way past time to repeal the income tax, state and federal. We can find less intrusive ways to fund things necessary to the public weal.

There is nothing wrong with inherited wealth people. Just think how much easier your life would be if mom and dad left you the family home so that you would not have to slave most of your life to pay off a mortgage(or a car, or a student loan, or thousands of credit card debt). Think about your own children. Don’t you care that their lives are being burdened with so much life long debt because it has been made legislatively impossible to provide for them as well as you can? Do you want to be the generation known for giving your children a stone instead of bread?

America will not get back on track financially until we address these issues. Let’s get back to the mindset of allowing prosperity honestly come by, through personal effort, even if it is a generation removed, to earn it’s rightful place again. It is supposed to be the American Way.

A. Farwell

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I would like to point out a few “coincidences” in this post. Readers will please dot their own I’s and cross their own t’s.

We need to remind ourselves that what is happening in America today is not some untraceable evil perpetrated by some secret evil cult that controls us against our collective will. The evil is very traceable and the people who have foisted it on the rest of us are a matter of public record.

During the Civil War era two major initiatives were in the public eye that were to shape American society and politics for the next hundred and fifty years.

#1. During this era, the first attempts were made to institute an income tax. In the time leading up to and during the first World War, these attempts found their fruition in the  alleged passing of a federal income tax. Appearances have in this case really proved to be deceiving. I refer readers to the book, “The Law That Never Was” by a fellow named Benson.

#2. Women’s Suffrage used the upheaval of the war between the states to market it’s own agenda.

Please note a couple of major things here–

#1. The income tax initiatives were calculated to be pressed at those times when most of the men were involved in, and away at, a major military conflict.

#2. Women’s Suffrage was also pressed it’s hardest during times of major military conflict, and was allegedly passed in 1919—during the first World War. In fact, suffrage and the income tax in America went along hand in hand in our country’s development. Coincidence?

With the alleged passing of the federal income tax, Washington D. C. became the de facto, autocratic ruler of a supposedly free republic of free citizenry, moving government away from the states. At the same time, women moved into the public arena in the telecommunications industry, banking jobs and politics, federally entitled welfare programs were introduced and private businesses were steadily crowded out in favor of multinational corporations. Coincidence? Between the Civil War era and the second World War, women moved into the military in America. First as nurses, then as regular commissioned officers. The Liberal Movement that began to over take our major colleges and universities after WWI kept pace with the entrance of women into the public arena and formed the basis of the Gay Liberation movement which is predominantly championed by females. Most of our major news agencies now have a liberal gay spin to all their stories and we now have increasing accusations of the rape of female military personnel published by these agencies. Coincidence?

The biggest names in Women’s Suffrage were also to be found among the leading families of the state of Maine. Bigelow, Warren and Clark to name just a few. I find that a most curious coincidence. Maine is strategically important to the defense of North America. The Rumsfeld/Cheney duo led military policy into abandoning the Northeast as a station for fighting units–they did however, leave control of military money in Limestone, Maine, in an office run by women. Coincidence? Cheney is an open supporter of the homosexual lifestyle. Maine is now leading the fight for homosexuality in America, against the stated will of it’s voters. There has been the same kind of political skullduggery in the state about this issue that Knox (also an old Maine name) used on the income tax question. Coincidence?

I have to quote Jethro Gibbs here— “I don’t believe in coincidence.”

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