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It is time to raise the shire my Hobbits.

No one expects our military to be political but we DO expect them to live up to their oath. To defend this country against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic. Time for them to step up.

Molesting and selling children, or anyone for that matter, is not acceptable, no matter how it is dressed in verbiage or pandered as a “politically correct” idea. It has come down to this…..sexual predators think they are going to devour us all because they were allowed to think they have rights.

This is NOT a political problem, it is military. We are facing enemies domestic here. They have shown their hand very plainly. We must stand ready to back our forces and to take the proper initiative against this threat from within.

The Trump team was attempting to drain the swamp using a teaspoon and did not think to dispatch the ravening gators who inhabit it and view the rest of us as a food source. So here is what we do People.

Using our constitutional right to peaceful protest, everyone should go out and remove the license plates from all vehicles, residential and commercial. Ignore the DMV in every state. Stop registering/renewing/applying for any license, ID or registration. Do not send them any money. Do not go to their offices. Let them sit there, empty, day after day. Our so called government, state and federal has turned against us. It is time to shut them down until this mess is straightened out. This is a peaceful way to make our displeasure felt. These bureaucrats plan to own everyone. Literally. So first we destroy their citizen database. They can and will target anyone who opposes them using the information stored in the DMV which every state has. We need to deprive our wannabe Masters of this resource. Stick together People and make it happen. No one will die if the DMV is shut off. It is NVA. (No value added)

Next, stop filing tax returns. All of us. Employers, if you want a healthy business back, do not deduct anything from your employees pay checks. No withholdings at all for state or federal taxes of any kind. This is also a peaceful protest to which we have a right. We need these two protests to be performed nation wide. Now. It will astonish you how quickly the swamp drains when there is no more of OUR money feeding into it. So stop feeding into it. Everyone. Just stop. Yes, there may be some personal inconveniences to deal with but the alternative is being eaten alive by those of our neighbors who have turned cannibal on us. They are just people you know, not almighty God’s with super powers. The only power they have is what we, collectively, give them. So now it is time for us all to, collectively, shut them down.

Information is power. We have allowed this harvesting of information for the sake of what? Filing taxes tells the government EVERYTHING about your personal finances. They DON’T need that information. Registering your vehicles gives these political criminals the ability to find your home and impede your free movement by sending their attack dogs after you. They don’t need that ability. These two peaceful protests will seriously impede the harvesting operation that these bureaucrats are trying to ramp up.

It should be obvious by now that the “police ” do not support or stand for law and order anymore. It is time to draw their doggie fangs and those of their masters. We need to reinstitute our local militias and our military will be useful in that. In fact, our military needs to throw a barricade around every DMV building in every state and make sure they stay closed until further notice. Shut the power off as well so those databases can no longer be accessed.

Keep calm, stay together and stay strong. We can do this.

From both of us,

A. Farwell

L. S. Whitney

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