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I saw two segments on the evening news last night worthy of our consideration.

Starbucks CEO is getting up a campaign to block campaign donations in order (he claims) to teach Congress a lesson in responsible government. This is a lie and a move by the Lesbian Liberal Party to re-elect Barack Insane Obeyme in 2012. These women want him in there because he is basically, a fool. Remember how much press was given to the fact that the chief reason Obeyme was “elected” was the super spending provided by some mysterious backers? The LLP is running scared right now and the Starbucks ploy is an attempt to keep their campaign spending edge by getting unthinking conservative voters and backers to vent their anger at the system at the expense of their objectives which are getting rid of this posturing idiot.

Next item–

With the so-called repeal of the DADT legislation, it seems that now the Lesbian Liberal Party feels in a position to increase its efforts to castrate the american military, and has introduced legislation to reduce the military pension program to the level of corporate america’s thieving and controlling policies. This is the home nest of these vicious and unnatural women so it is not wonderful they feel more comfortable trying to reduce fighting men to that level. We would not be even hearing rumors of this obscenity if the LLP had not first made such noise about DADT in the name of “patriotism.” Now you can all see where the patriotism of these women is leading.

What we need now are conservative members of congress to introduce, instead of the military pension garbage, legislation that targets the retirement program of congress itself. Now would be a good time  to point out that these people retire at full salary and benefits after a career of doing nothing but talk. Our military veterans do a real job for us. Start talking this up people. Believe me it will help.

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