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How many times have you heard this— “children need a college education so they will have a good start in life.” How many times have you silently agreed to the notion that children need a “good education” so they can “make it” in “society?” How many of you are willing to take another look at these two universal constants of our current social rhetoric? Do you understand the difference between need and want?

As I said in my last post, there really is no such animal as “SOCIETY.” It is for this reason that arguments about society, and it’s condition, are always so unsatisfactory. We are all individuals, unique unto ourselves. We use the term society to refer to a collection of such individuals. This is a matter of verbal convenience—not a definition. Therefore, society = individuals.

And even though they use the term “society” for convenience’s sake, in their own minds, people only relate to the individual. For example, why else is there such objection to making broad, sweeping statements about Jews, blacks, women, Hispanics, republicans, democrats, etc., etc.? It is because such statements are an insult to the individual. They totally ignore the principle of the uniqueness of the individual and show no respect for or acknowledgement of it. Therefore, let us agree that the first basic function of society is to teach respect for the individual. Without this teaching, there is no society, there are only lots of individuals in a constant state of emotional anarchy.

Let us further agree that the first step in teaching respect for the individual is teaching respect for the self. The notion of “I” is, after all, the foundation on which all further understanding of the importance of the individual will be built. People who have no respect for themselves will assuredly not respect anyone else.

Taking this one step further we have–Respect for the self must be taught by the primary individuals in a person’s life—the parents. To any child, mom and dad are society, therefore, society = individuals = parents.  So how can parents(society) teach the principle of self-respect?

This one is easy. They can’t.

It is not possible to “teach” self-respect to children, you have to provide them with it the same way you provide them with shelter, warmth, food, etc.. You do this by loving them. You do this by spending time with them because you love them and you like spending time with them. In this way the individual child will absorb the notion that they “matter” and this is the basis for self-respect. All children need this. There is no educational “system” that can substitute for this. It is called nurturing.

You see, self respect is absorbed from one’s emotional environment, especially(but not exclusively) by the young. Society(parents) cannot “teach” respect like a course in algebra. Parents can teach little ones their numbers, letters, and colors. Parents can teach growing children about gardening, cooking, auto repair, hunting, and fishing and sewing. As parents take the time and trouble to teach them these skills their children will automatically absorb a sense of self-respect and this self-respect will, in turn, allow them to respect others. They need a sense of self-respect and they need to have consideration for others, otherwise, nothing else they acquire or achieve in their lives will have meaning. Nurturing is what will give children a good start in life. Education, which is only information of various kinds, will not do this.

So now let’s take a look at the chain of ideas we have just created.

Society = individuals = parents = nurturing = self-respect = respect for others = a healthy society.

You will notice that education does not appear in this equation at all. That is because children do not need an education. It is not a physical or emotional requirement in raising a stable individual(society). If one has no education they will certainly feel the lack of it. In other words, they will want some education. For a healthy child, education will provide a broader point of social view, they will learn about other ways of living and earning a living and hopefully, develop some respect for others.

All of our social woes stem from the fact that education is being used as a substitute for nurturing. As a result of this, we are raising entire generations with a syndrome that pediatricians would diagnose as “failure to thrive.”

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My friends have asked me to keep things simple in my posts so I will be making a concerted effort to do just that.  This should be fairly easy because the causes of our national ills are really very simple indeed. However, the emotional reactions that will accompany the acknowledgment of these very simple causes will be profound and so readers will have to take a few moments to absorb them. I refer you now to the title of this blog–The Longest Journey Begins… The remainder of this old saying is… with but a single step. I will try to limit the ideas presented in each post to just one or at most, two, single connected steps.

Step one–the social and political dysfunction in America is being caused by our “educational” system which can be very accurately summed up under the more appropriate title of “bad parenting.”  Or perhaps “no parenting” will be more accurate still. That may look like quite a stretch to some of you, but think about it a minute. There really isn’t any such animal as “Society.” There are only individual people, you and I, and if we are not raising emotionally healthy individuals the country (society) is not healthy. Our current educational practices are not producing healthy individuals. (I develop this theme more fully in an earlier post–Great Expectations! http://wp.me/p1BaiG-N ) The cause for this is simple.

Human children need to spend the largest bulk of their time at home, under the direct supervision of their parents, especially during infancy and early adolescence. They will absorb the necessary basic functions of society in this setting only. Only here will they feel safe from social pressures they are not mature enough to deal with, only from mother or father will they absorb the feeling that they are being nurtured because they are loved as individuals and that their individual needs are being focused on. Only from their parents will adolescent children receive the sense of familial supervision and personal restraint they will need to develop an ethic of sexual responsibility in their approaching adulthood. The time constraints imposed by our public school system do not allow for this.

It is not possible to overstate the importance of direct parental supervision in the process of child rearing. It is equally not possible to miss seeing the results of ignoring this premise in today’s society. Calculate the amount of time an american child spends at school every day and add in an average 8 hours for sleeping. How much time is left? How much of this time is spent with mom or dad or both?

It is a very sad truth obvious in the entire Western world that most parents are using the howling kant about “EDUCATION” being so important as an excuse for not raising their own children. Children need to be educated they rant. We not only have kindergarten for five-year old infants but now we are having more and more “pre-k programs” to “give our children a more competitive edge in the educational system.” How many of you have heard this particular obscenity? Children do not need to feel competitive, that is an attribute of only certain areas of adult endeavor. In fact, most adults do not need to feel competitive. Children need to be nurtured by their parents. They need to feel loved and protected.They need to have their physical requirements met. Education is NOT a primary need of infancy. It will not give children a “good start” in life.

Archeologists have uncovered what appears to be evidence of whole societies that sacrificed their infant children to the god Moloch by burning them to death at his altars. Evidently it was thought that the society as a whole would be preserved in a prosperous state by this practice. Education has become the new “Moloch” of our world.

At this point, I am happy to state that there is an increasing trend among parents today to home school their own children. An excellent idea and a step in the right direction.

To sum up this post, of course our children will want an education, no one will deny that, it is the system we have created that needs to be revamped. In the first place, we need to stop braying about “THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION” as if it were in itself a be all—end all, it is not.  Secondly, small, privately run schools within walking distance, and more of them, should replace the large public school systems currently ruining our future citizens and our pocketbooks. There would be no lack of teachers to run them. School hours should be limited to 3 hours a day. The attention span of most children runs about 10 to 12 minutes, anything over that is a waste of time so 3 hours a day is more than enough time to cover all the basic subjects, plus a break time. Lunch could wait till they got home so no kitchen facilities, personnel, or food budgets would be necessary. Now, take a moment to realize what an educational budget would amount to for a small school building (about the size of the average home)that did not require money for buses, their maintenance, gas, driver salaries, and insurance. Compare what it cost to replace your own roof with that of replacing the roof on your local grammar or high school. Are you getting the  picture now? Smaller is in every way better here.

Next, delete the multimillion dollar budgets for school sports programs, equipment, busing to and from games, insurance, maintenance, coaches salaries. building and upkeep for gymnasiums and playing fields.

I know, I know, but education is about reading, writing, and arithmetic, science and literature and cultural studies of other countries. Football, basketball, soccer, swimming, etc., etc., are not education, they are games, and as such have no place in education or the budgeting necessary for it.  We can and should be deleting this expense from our educational realities. Left to themselves, children make up their own games, always have, always will. Our towns and cities can no longer afford to be financing the farm teams of the NBA, the NFL, etc., etc.. Let these huge sports franchises donate to the locals out of their multibillion dollar budgets if they want players. If they can afford to pay multiple millions per season to just one of their “stars” they can afford to.

In my next post I will develop this theme in another few simple steps–The basic functions of society.

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I will be taking a small vacation. Next post will be September 30.

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My post on the war against the poor will be postponed until next week.

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I saw two segments on the evening news last night worthy of our consideration.

Starbucks CEO is getting up a campaign to block campaign donations in order (he claims) to teach Congress a lesson in responsible government. This is a lie and a move by the Lesbian Liberal Party to re-elect Barack Insane Obeyme in 2012. These women want him in there because he is basically, a fool. Remember how much press was given to the fact that the chief reason Obeyme was “elected” was the super spending provided by some mysterious backers? The LLP is running scared right now and the Starbucks ploy is an attempt to keep their campaign spending edge by getting unthinking conservative voters and backers to vent their anger at the system at the expense of their objectives which are getting rid of this posturing idiot.

Next item–

With the so-called repeal of the DADT legislation, it seems that now the Lesbian Liberal Party feels in a position to increase its efforts to castrate the american military, and has introduced legislation to reduce the military pension program to the level of corporate america’s thieving and controlling policies. This is the home nest of these vicious and unnatural women so it is not wonderful they feel more comfortable trying to reduce fighting men to that level. We would not be even hearing rumors of this obscenity if the LLP had not first made such noise about DADT in the name of “patriotism.” Now you can all see where the patriotism of these women is leading.

What we need now are conservative members of congress to introduce, instead of the military pension garbage, legislation that targets the retirement program of congress itself. Now would be a good time  to point out that these people retire at full salary and benefits after a career of doing nothing but talk. Our military veterans do a real job for us. Start talking this up people. Believe me it will help.

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Let’s take a moment to bring in good things. Of course we cannot fix what is wrong with America if we don’t realize where we went off the tracks but for this post we will forget wrong things and count our blessings.

We still voice our opinions fairly freely, without fear of reprisal, mostly. At least I do. I hope I am not alone in this. I see people who are still afraid to do so, and I hope my example will lend them some courage.

We are not under some super secret military regime. In spite of what you might see in the X-File episodes. Our military intelligence people are doing a job that the average civilian will never be able to appreciate. This is not because they are power mad megalomaniacs, it is because it is not possible to distill eighty years of expertise into the twenty-five words or less answers that the average citizen expects.

The land itself is beautiful. From sea to shining sea. I have traveled a bit in North America and I can say this with some personal truth. It is also productive. We have the best farm land on the planet. We have precious and semi precious gems, gold, silver, minerals, wood and abundant water. We have a population that is free-born. This means a great deal even two hundred years after the death of feudalism.

We have some very nice neighbors. Canada and Mexico. Can you appreciate what it means to live in a ‘nice’ neighborhood?

We coöperate more with these neighbors governments than many other countries could or would have. Personally, I think that our government should make a point of praising these people for this effort instead of letting all the news headlines focus on bones of contention like immigration or drug traffic. I am sure that the Canadian and Mexican governments have a few bones to pick with us, all is not sweetness and light but still, we are on speaking terms. I am grateful for that and count it a great blessing.

Today is a beautiful summer day here in Maine. Highs near 80, a slight breeze, sunny, and peaceful. I plan to have a cold one(or two) under the trees.  I am very, very, grateful for being able to do this. I am thankful to everyone who has in any way contributed to my ability to do this without fear. I am not in fevered expectation of being overrun by Canadian forces intent on a military coup. Thank you Canada. Same for Mexico, thank you Mexico. I certainly hope that you both feel the same about America, although I am admitting that you may have more cause for concern than we do if you rely on the media for information.

One of the reasons I decided to publish this blog is to help stave off the assualt of the mindless, media fed yowling that is currently passing for politics in the U.S. I am an American citizen and I acknowledge the efforts and restraint of both our neighbors to the north and the south. I apologize for our media and their superficial coverage of certain story angles. I don’t believe everything I see or read in the media and I am sure that I am not alone in America in so doing. So I am casting my bread upon the waters of the internet today.

To listen to the American media we would think that every citizen in either country is parked at the border waiting to cross illegally, probably with masses of cocaine or grass for a grub stake. The highest ambition of these illegals is to live in idleness forever on the bliss of American welfare.

The truth is, the majority of Canadian and Mexican citizens stay home and mind their own business, as do we. The average citizens of all three countries are neighbors.

The media of all three countries are also neighbors after a fashion and it is this. They have the same vested interest —  selling their product. Which is emotionally contentious stories that will guarantee readership. I am posting this blog to offset the nonsense they generate in their money-making frenzy.

The title of todays post is counted blessings. Canada and Mexico are right up there at the top of my list. They have been good neighbors to us. Have we been as good to them?

To all my neighbors near and far, who live in peace and mind their own business—–

May you enjoy the summer days and count your blessings in peace.

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I am going to digress in this post from our discussion of the American Dream. In this post, I am going to share my own personal dream. This dream will naturally involve America because I live here, but it is my own. You see, I have a dream too.

I dream that our media, both electronic and printed, returns to the era of responsible journalism when facts were reported instead of rumors because it was (rightly) assumed that the reading public would form their own opinions from the facts presented. I dream that we can once again respect the owners, editors, and journalists who perform this function.

I dream that we return our educational “system” to the private sector. That any child will have a school close enough to walk to, run by a private individual or group thereof that the parents have personally vetted and approved. That these schools will be small enough to avoid overwhelming the small minds that attend them with too many personalities to deal with. Todays schools are much too large and people send their babies to spend most of their day dealing with strangers. You might as well take your little ones and your young adolescents to the mall and leave them there for eight or ten hours and expect them to return edified, instructed, and socially well-adjusted. I dream that Americans give up the notion that healthy, stable citizens will be easily produced by mass production methods.

I dream that parents will no longer allow their young daughters to assume that it is acceptable and really cool to dress and behave like street whores. Even if the latest hot teen idol appears to be getting rich from such behavior. I dream that the moms and dads of America will return to the time when protecting the innocence of their daughters and the vulnerabilities of their young sons was more important than so-called freedom of expression. I dream that Americans become so secure within themselves that they no longer apologize for banding together and stopping the wholesale sexual molestation of our children in the name of “freedom”. I dream that we, as a country, refuse to cower at the wails of “censorship” from such molesters. I dream that our young men and growing boys will be given the opportunity to treat women with respect instead of having to fight off the visual assaults of over exposed female flesh that today amount to the rape of entire generations of our sons. I dream that parents will privately talk to their growing girls and explain to them that covering themselves in public is not prudish, inhibited or puritan, but is a mark of respect for the needs of our men and is necessary if they as women wish to receive the same. And I dream that not a single popular television show, which the producers know that young people are watching, finds it necessary to show couples literally having sex in prime time. I dream that such things return to the privacy of the bedroom where they belong.

And lastly, I dream that America survives long enough to grow up. I have partially covered the topic of the infantile and adolescent tendencies in our political outlook. It is not perverted or even necessarily morally wrong for young people to lack foresight, tolerance, or fiscal maturity and America is still very, very young in the sociopolitical scheme of things on this world. I dream that Americans will learn to cut themselves just a little slack right now. Every growing youngster will make a few bad decisions and perhaps take up with one or two friends not really desirable. Young people and young countries have to learn from their mistakes. They have to learn that their own good intentions may be used against them by a less than honest person or friend. I dream that we are now mature enough to recognize special interest grand standing and the legislative immorality sponsored by special interest press releases, as such less than honest friends.  I dream that Americans take the media groups to task for their blatant misrepresentation of the facts. I dream that government by, for, and of the people is never destroyed by the loud noises of the few amongst the people and that this government, our government, shall stand.

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