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It is time we all took a deep breath, slowed down, and reconsidered the pace of our lives today. What is all the hurry about? There is nothing at the end of this life but the grave, and considerable controversy about what comes after that. Is anyone out there really in such a hurry to die? No? Then why the rush?

The public has allowed the advertising world to sell fast and faster as the most desirable element we could possibly hope to achieve in our life style. Fast food, fast cars, speed dating, faster and faster mobile phones and apps. “You can do more, faster!”

If you are being chased by a rabid pit bull, I recommend all the speed you can muster. The rest of life needn’t be quite so intense.

This completely artificially created frenzy is what is causing all the high blood pressure, high cholesterol, panic in our lives. It is not the hamburger you are eating. I know this will upset all the health food nuts and nutritionists out there but truth is truth. McDonalds is not the culprit, it’s the Madison Avenue ad agencies.

And you, yes I mean you, the adult, are not taking the time to consciously limit all the “FAST” crap in your daily diet. You have allowed the media to totally control the pace of your life. You need some Adult Sensitivity training. So here you go–

Understand that you can only do so much in a day and be satisfied with that. You are doing too much now, and your mind and body are breaking down under the strain. If you overload a camel, this intelligent creature will simply lie down and refuse to get up. Don’t you have as much good sense as a camel? Yes, I know you are the working mom or dad and you expect to be busy but do you expect to run yourself into an early grave because the ads on the radio and TV keep selling Faster, Faster? I didn’t think so. Here is a diet that really works. You can lose up to 20lbs. of frenzy every week without pills or strenuous exercise. You moms especially need to get on this diet before you stroke out due to dedicated caregiver syndrome (DCS).

1.) DO NOT TURN ON THE TV IN THE MORNINGS.  Make your home as quiet as possible to start to your day. No electronic noise of any kind. If the world supposedly ended overnight and you are still alive, the rumor may be false.

2.) If you are a commuter, do not listen to music or news on the car radio. Traffic reports are fine but turn them off after you hear what you need to know. Leave ten minutes earlier than you normally do. It gives you some wiggle room in your travel time. This ten minutes will make your whole work day go better, you’ll see.

3.) DO NOT TURN ON THE TV WHEN YOU GET HOME. Many people do this as a matter of habit. Break this habit. If you want to watch a certain movie or program, sit down with your favorite drink, watch it, then turn the T.V. off. For news there are newspapers(quiet) and the computer(also quiet). Avoid the Talking Heads on all the broadcast news services (massive dose of frenzy). Don’t believe me? Try it for one week. Sit down with a newspaper to get your news. Have a latte or something. The world won’t seem half so noisy and frenzied if you read instead of listen.

4.) Go to bed earlier. At least a half hour earlier, an hour would be better. If you are saying “I have too much to do” you need to re-examine your priorities. Sufficient rest should be at the top of that list. Make time for it and rearrange the rest.

Because you are an adult does not mean that you don’t deserve as much care and consideration as you would give your own children. Speaking of which, if you are having behavioral issues with your kids, following my Lose 20lbs. of Frenzy a Week Diet will be sure to help with that. If you are constantly tense with hurry and worry you will communicate these emotions to your children and they will misbehave. It is the traditional child way of letting you know something is wrong. Consider this, your children are also being bombarded with the frenzy of the adult world. If you remove it from your diet, a lot will be removed from theirs.

In conclusion–be a little more sensitive to your own adult needs for rest, peace, and quiet in your day.

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You may not think so at first glance but this is a natural segue from my last post—…The Time for All Good Men… We need a little historical background first.

At the start of the Women’s Suffrage movement, about a hundred and fifty years ago, the adult male in Western Society became “The Villain” and he remained in that role with increasing emphasis as the years went on. It is time now to rectify this public perception. It is entirely erroneous. If our men were as black as they were painted by the suffragettes, women would not have been given the vote. But they were. Our men did not have to do this and with the twenty-twenty vision of hindsight, we would be much better off today, both financially and socially, if they had not, but, they decided to err on the side of generosity, a habit with our men.

It is always very easy to find fault with the movers and shakers, especially if you don’t have the responsibility of getting things done yourself. This is exactly what happened with the Suffrage Movement. These women were loudly vocal about all the things that the evil, greedy, violent men were doing wrong in society, and if only they had the vote things would change they could tell you! Well, they were right about that anyway, things have certainly changed in America—for the worse.

The society built by our great-great-great grandparents was not perfect of course, but it was stable. Our several times great-grandfathers did not encourage their wives and daughters to want to vote or get out in the work force because these men knew what their women would have to deal with, and they knew their women were not up to the job. Besides which it was dangerous. Physically, sexually dangerous for them to go about unchapperoned. The women of that era had been sheltered for thousands of generations from such physical dangers by the vigilance of their men and were very prone to poo-poo the mere idea of it in the course of any discussion.

I will take a moment here to let the Emancipated Ladies and Liberals who may happen to read this blog finish shrieking. (Pause)

You see, away back then, these ladies were accustomed to being the social arbiters in the churches, drawing rooms, social clubs and cottage kitchens. In these venues the woman’s word was law. The men knew they were not best suited to the managing of social situations, the more tender sex was better at these interpersonal relationships and they were given all the indulgence their fathers, husbands and brothers could manage. In a word, these suffragettes were spoiled, not by one man but by a whole society of them who valued women for their tenderness and grace. And these very spoiled women really thought their drawing room manners were going to be enough to intimidate the evil, greedy, violent men of this world into better behavior. After all, it worked on their husbands, children, and social set of friends didn’t it?

And here you have the kink, the rub, the stone in the shoe of Women’s Suffrage and Liberation ideals. Drawing room manners are not adequate equipment in a man’s world. Our Suffrage grandmothers never had to deal with the realities of a man’s world and their liberated granddaughters are still not dealing with it. They still base their political solutions on the idea that you just have to explain to predators that their behavior is “inappropriate” and the matter will resolve itself. Any other route would involve violence and they are much too righteous to approve of violence. It offends their tender sensibilities. Men are violent and they are essentially better than that.

Absurd when put in it’s proper context isn’t it? It matters not what kind of predator you are dealing with—financial, sexual, or military, a predator is a person or group that sees something you have and has decided to take it—by force. The sexual and military predators use physical force, the financial use political force which is, intimidation by paperwork. That particular generation of very sheltered women were given the vote and opened the door to the financial and sexual predators that have been multiplying in our country ever since.  And by insisting on open homosexuality in our military, today’s very sheltered ladies are actively inviting military predators as well. Those ladies had no idea, really, of what voting caused or prevented (and their granddaughters don’t either.)  Their husbands and fathers knew they did not. Yet, out of a sense of familial fairness and indulgence those men allowed Suffrage—to the sorrow of succeeding generations.

Predators are kept at bay by a show of physical force and that is the only thing that keeps them at bay. Women do not have even half the physical force  of men and for this reason alone predators do not fear them. That being the case, females in important public offices do not provide any deterrent value on the social level where predators grow. All this petticoat posturing called “equality” and “political correctness” and “gender sensitivity training” is the feminine idea of force in controlling a world where predators lurk by a display of drawing room manners.

It is time for our men to step up to the plate. I know I am not the only female in America who has faith in them. It’s a bit late to repeal Women’s Suffrage but you guys can start having some real time discussions with your wives and daughters. I know this is very difficult for you when you love them and would much rather not see them understand the world of predators the way you instinctively do. Just tell them enough so that they can appreciate how much you do for them, just by being the husband and dad. You have been sheltering us for countless generations by your willingness to fight off our enemies. It is time now for you to remind American women just why they have as much personal independence as they currently enjoy. I will back you to the hilt. Semper Fi.

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During the Revolutionary War, one of our founding fathers made this much quoted remark–“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”

We can really use our good men today.  Because we are in the worst fight America has ever faced. We are being eaten alive from within in the name of freedom and rights. I keep asking myself– ‘who are these people and where did they come from?’ Where did they get the notion that making movies about sex with children and animals is a freedom our fore fathers died for and our mothers sacrificed their husbands and sons to? Where did they get the notion that freedom of speech includes public profanity and self-centered whining about what their employers and the  government “owe” them just because they say so? Pornography  is available 24/7 now on all the cable and satellite networks and sexual predators of women and children are increasing. Why is this so?

It’s because we are missing our men. Our mature adult men who are husbands, fathers, and brothers and who still retain a sense of what they need to do to protect their families, their wives and their daughters and their sons. In the last hundred years of political babble about women’s rights we have not been blessed with thinking females to head up such a cause and we are reaping the results of this today. Susan B. Anthony did not deliver many addresses on the subject of sexual predators that I know of.

During the first years of women’s suffrage much ado was made about woman’s right to vote and hold jobs in the professions. The EVIL MEN were “oppressing” the females of this nation by not encouraging their daughters to go out in the work force and be independent. Wives and daughters of respectable families were expected to occupy themselves at home and in their local communities. The man of the family worked to provide for them. Usually the father or husband but often this fell on the brother or even the uncle if the father or husband died and did not leave some sort of income for his dependents. And there was an expectation that he would do just that if at all possible. That is why savings accounts and life insurance were invented. It was so that the tender ones in the family did not have to expose themselves to the very real dangers and ugliness that awaited them in the real world. How dreadful! How limiting! How unfair, and unprogressive! And how very wise. Yes, I said wise.

You see, the men of that era, just like the men of this era, knew that there are predators among us and that their wives and daughters and their very young sons have no defense against them.

There are financial predators that offer loan shark type deals and easy credit to the young. Sexual predators and criminals of every sort choose their intended victims by estimating how much trouble there will be in case of attack. Unattended females and small children are an invitation that they are not slow in accepting. Our men seem to have this knowledge hardwired into their psyches. Probably from the thousands of years as the designated protector of the tribe/clan. Women not so much and children of course, not at all. So in publicizing all this liberation for females, our society has in effect, posted an open season notice on all the tender members of our society. We have totally emasculated the angry father/husband/brother deterrent value of our men. And believe me, that deterrent is not to be sneered at. Predators do not focus on an adult male with a self-confident air if there is any other choice on offer and our society has given them a smorgasbord of choices by casting our men in the role of supreme social villain.

Our men are not villains. They are our fathers and husbands and brothers and we need to show the decent, caring ones more respect on every level–especially in public. Let’s ’empower’ them again, for all our sakes.

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